Learning Strategy Instruction in the Language Classroom

Learning Strategy Instruction in the Language Classroom

Issues and Implementation


Multilingual Matters






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Foreword. Cynthia White Introduction. Anna U. Chamot and Vee Harris Part 1. Issues: Models and Contexts Chapter 1. Luke Plonsky: Language Learning Strategy Instruction: Recent Research and Future Directions Chapter 2. Peter Yongqi Gu: Approaches to Learning Strategy Instruction Chapter 3. Vee Harris: Diversity and Integration in Language Learning Strategy Instruction Chapter 4. Do Coyle: Designing Strategic Classrooms: Self-assessment in Enabling Self-regulated Learning Chapter 5. Ernesto Macaro: Language Learner Strategies and Individual Differences Chapter 6. Marcella Menegale: Integrating Language Learning Strategy Instruction into Content and Language Integrated Learning Programs Part 2. Issues: Less Studied and Less Taught Groups of Strategies Chapter 7. Miroslaw Pawlak: Grammar Learning Strategies Instruction in the Foreign Language Classroom: The Case of Students in Degree Programs in English Chapter 8. Anna Uhl Chamot and Vee Harris: Language Learning Strategy Instruction for Critical Cultural Awareness Chapter 9. Andrew D. Cohen: Strategy Instruction for Learning and Performing Target-language Pragmatics Part 3. Implications: The Learners Chapter 10. Pamela Gunning, Joanna White, and Christine Busque: Designing Effective Strategy Instruction: Approaches and Materials for Young Language Learners Chapter 11. Angeliki Psaltou-Joycey: Designing Materials and Guidelines for Language Learning Strategy Instruction Chapter 12. Anna Uhl Chamot: Differentiation in Language Learning Strategy Instruction Chapter 13. Jill Robbins: Teaching Language Learning Strategies with Technology Part 4. Implications: The Teachers Chapter 14. Christina Gkonou and Rebecca L. Oxford: Teachers' Formative Assessment, Reflection, and Affective Strategy Instruction in Language Learning Strategy Instruction Teacher Education Chapter 15. Joan Rubin and Claudia Acero Rios: Empowering Teachers to Promote Learner Self-Management Chapter 16. Anna Uhl Chamot, Vee Harris, Carol Griffiths, Pamela Gunning, Martha Nyikos and Birsen Tutunis: Teacher Education for Language Learning Strategy Instruction: Approaches and Activities Chapter 17. Christine Goh: What We Still Need to Learn About Language Learning Strategies Instruction: Research Directions and Designs Afterword. Anna Uhl Chamot and Vee Harris
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