Late Ruskin: New Contexts

Late Ruskin: New Contexts

New Contexts

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Contents: Introduction; 'An entirely honest merchant': the domestic context of Unto this Last (1860); 'What I might myself have been': Sesame and Lilies (1865) and the occasion of autobiography; 'The beginning of art is in getting our country clean': the Inaugural Lectures on Art (1870); 'Do good work whether you live or die': Fors Clavigera, usefulness, and the crisis of the Commune; 'Decent, trim, as human dwellings should be': Ruskin and the Pre-Raphaelite imagination of the 1870s; 'Just the thing for girls - sketching, fine art and so on': Ruskin and manliness, 1870-1920; 'Oh fast whirling reader': The Bible of Amiens (1880-85), tolerance, and autobiography; Bibliography of works cited; Index.
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Fors Clavigera;Ruskin;Follow;History;Fors Letter;Literature;Young Men;Contexts;Valle Crucis;Victorian;Slade Professorship;Ruskin's Words;Ruskin's Writing;Contemporary Society;Millais;Knight's Faith;Ecce Ancilla Domini;Tenacious Sense;Gothic City;Ruskinian Return;Ruskin's Love;Victorian Medievalism;La Giaconda;Champs De Mars;Pre-Raphaelite Imagination;Ruskin's Representation;Ruskin's Account;Slade Professor;Fruitful Waste Ground;Ad Valorem