Language and Television Series

Language and Television Series

A Linguistic Approach to TV Dialogue

Cambridge University Press






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- Part I. Introduction: 1. Television dialogue
- 2. Linguistic approaches to telecinematic discourse
- Part II. A Functional Approach to Television Series (FATS): 3. Functions relating to the communication of the narrative
- 4. Other functions of TV dialogue
- Part III. Data and Approaches: 5. Corpora and corpus linguistic methods
- 6. Other approaches
- Part IV. Analyses of SydTV: 7. Salient features of TV dialogue: a corpus linguistic approach
- 8. Key words, variation, and further insights into TV dialogue
- 9. Non-codified language in SydTV
- Part V. TV Dialogue in Pedagogy: 10. 'Take that pencil and just GO!': TV series and scriptwriting pedagogy
- 11. Consuming television dialogue: a case study of advanced learners in Germany
- Part VI. Conclusion: 12. Conclusion.
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