Language and Law

Language and Law

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A Introduction: Key Concepts 1 What Kind of Variety is 'Legal Language'? 2 The Historical Development of Legal English 3 Legal Genres 4 Participant Roles and Speech Styles in the Courtroom 5 Persuasion in Court 6 Interpreting Meaning in Legislative Texts 7 The Vocabulary of Legal Power 8 Legal Protection and Regulation of Language 9 Forensic Evidence 10 Legal Order and Linguistic Diversity B Development: Contemporary Approaches 1 Linguistic Features of Legal Language 2 Functions of Legal Language 3 Genre Analysis of Legal Texts 4 Spoken Discourse in the Courtroom 5 Linguistic Strategies Used by Lawyers 6 Pragmatics and Legal Interpretation 7 Legal Speech Acts 8 Disputing 'Ordinary Language' 9 Techniques in Forensic Linguistics 10 Linguistic Challenges in Bilingual and Multilingual Legal Order C Exploration: Analyses and Examples 1 Attitudes towards Legal Language 2 Reforming Legal Language 3 Reading a Statute 4 Style and Restrictions in Courtroom Interaction 5 Rhetorical Techniques in Legal Advocacy 6 Deciding Legal Meaning 7 Performatives in Speech and Writing 8 Misleading Language in Adverts 9 Language Data as Evidence 10 Same Law, Different Texts D Extension: Engaging with the Scholarship 1 Law as a Profession of Words 2 Public Understanding of Legal Language 3 The Language of Jury Trial 4 Courtroom Language: Theory and Practice 5 Talking the Language of Lawyers 6 Perspectives on Legal Interpretation 7 Understanding Legal Speech Acts and Rules 8 Language Struggles Online 9 Resolving Disputed Meaning in Court 10 Bilingualism and Jury Service
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