Lacan and Critical Feminism

Lacan and Critical Feminism

Subjectivity, Sexuation, and Discourse

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Preface Acknowledgments 1: Introduction 2: A (re)turn to Lacan QUILTING POINT: A literary discussion on metaphor and metonymy 3: The troped body 4: The materiality of the letter QUILTING POINT: I AM A MAN and the essence of Woman 5: Woman as metonymy: or, I am not your manque l'etre QUILTING POINT: The masculine symptom in Brief Interviews with Hideous Men 6: Jouissance and ethical extimacy 7: Myth, truth, and non-phallic sexuation QUILTING POINT: Tapping into excess, or the feminist trilogies 8: The dethroning of the father Works cited Index
Hysteric's Discourse;Phallic Jouissance;Lacan;Master's Discourse;critical theory;Discourse Formulae;discourse;Master Signifiers;sexuation;Sexual Difference;body;Non-phallic Jouissance;metonymy;Follow;feminism;Masculine Subject;metaphor;Quilting Point;jouissance;Masculine Logic;discursive;Vice Versa;freud;Counter-clockwise;signifier;Feminine Subject;phallic;Confers;paranoia;Hysteric's Interrogation;obsessive neurosis;Man;hysteria;Lacan's Logic;perversion;Metonymic Function;transference;Differential Consciousness;point de capiton;Violated;Lacanian's psychoanalysis;Phallic Apparatus;Feminist theory;Lost Girl;Social Link;Lacan's theories;Lacan's Claim