L2 Writing Beyond English

L2 Writing Beyond English


Multilingual Matters






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Introduction. Nur Yigitoglu and Melinda Reichelt: L2 Writing in Non-English Languages: Toward a Fuller Understanding of L2 Writing Part I - Curricular Issues Chapter 1. Adela Borrallo-Solis and Andrea Meador Smith: Writing Through the Senses: Bringing Life to College Spanish Writing Courses in the United States Chapter 2. Dani Francuz Rose and Mateusz Gaze: Highlighting Practices and Perspectives on Polish L2 Writing in Poland Chapter 3. Heather Willis Allen and Kate Paesani: Interpersonal Writing in the Advanced Undergraduate French Curriculum: A Multiliteracies Perspective Chapter 4. Jim McKinley: Teaching Japanese L2 Writing Inside and Outside Japan: Implications for Global Approaches in L2 Writing Chapter 5. Heath Rose: Unique Challenges of Learning to Write in the Japanese Writing System Chapter 6. Ming Fang and Andie Wang: Feedback to Feed Forward: Giving Effective Feedback in Advanced Chinese Writing Part II - Multiple Languages in Contact/Conflict in L2 Writing Instruction Chapter 7. Ibon Manterola: A Study of Recipes Written by Basque L2 Immersion Students: Any Evidence for Language Revitalization? Chapter 8. Lucile Duperron: The Transition from the Foreign Language to the Study Abroad Classroom: Mediating Writer Culture Shock Chapter 9. Juyoung Song: Language Ideology, Language Policy and Writing in Korean as a Second Language Part III - Affect and Student Attitudes Toward Pedagogical Practices Chapter 10. Laura Valentin-Rivera: Writing Practices among Spanish Mixed Pairs: An Insight Regarding the Revision of Labor and Learners' Perceptions on Collaboration Chapter 11. Aroline E. Seibert Hanson: The Motivation of Heritage Learners vs. Foreign Language Learners in a University-level Spanish Composition Course Chapter 12. Mizuki Mazzotta and David L. Chiesa: The Role of Learner Affect in L2 Japanese Writing Tutorials Conclusion. Nur Yigitoglu and Melinda Reichelt
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