King Faisal And The Modernisation Of Saudi Arabia

King Faisal And The Modernisation Of Saudi Arabia

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Introduction -- The Creation of the Saudi State -- The Saudi Monarchy -- Saudi Arabia in the Context of Political Development Theory -- King Faisal and the First Five Year Development Plan -- The Modernisation Process -- The Modernisation of the Saudi Bureaucracy -- Development of the Eastern Province: A Case Study of Al-Hasa Oasis -- The US-Saudi Arabian Joint Commission on Economic Co-Operation -- Social Change and Traditional Islam -- The Practice of Law in Saudi Arabia -- Saudi Mass Media and Society in the Faisal Era -- The Changing Role of Women -- The Islamic Foundations of Saudi Foreign Policy -- King Faisal's World View -- King Faisal and Pan-Islamism -- Saudi Oil Policy During King Faisal's Era -- The Saudi-American Relationship and King Faisal
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