Karl Popper's Science and Philosophy

Karl Popper's Science and Philosophy


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INTRODUCTION Zuzana Parusnikova: Karl Popper: His Philosophy and Science PHYSICS AND COSMOLOGY Olival Freire Junior and Flavio Del Santo: Popper and the Quantum Controversy Yanhua Shih: Popper's experiment Helge Kragh: Karl Popper and Modern Cosmology: His Thoughts and Their Impact Anastasiia Lazutkina: Contemporary cosmology and Popper's methodological views David Merritt: Progress in Cosmology: A Methodological Perspective STATISTICAL TESTING AND LOGIC Deborah Mayo: tba Youngjo Lee and Yudi Pawitan: Popper and reasoning from his falsification to modern confirmation David Binder and Thomas Piecha: Popper on Quantifcation and Identity Constantin C. Brincus: Logical Maximalism and Quantum Mechanics BIOLOGY Denis Noble and Raymond Noble: Rehabilitation of Karl Popper's ideas on evolutionary biology and the nature of biological science. Philip G. Madgwick: Agency in Evolutionary Biology Hans-Joachim Niemann: Popper, Darwin, and Biology MIND-BRAIN (COGNITIVE SCIENCE) Peter Arhem: Popper and the Mind-Brain Problem Joseph Agassi: The Place of the Mind in Nature Nir Fresco: Objectivity, Intersubjectivity and Poppers Three Worlds Olga Markic: Poppers Emergentism
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Science and philosophy of science;Criticism and the growth of knowledge;Karl Popper's views on science;Falsification and confirmation in experiment;Popper's experiment in quantum physics;Popper on evolutionary biology;Philosophy of mind;Intellectual legacy of Karl Popper;Falsification of hypotheses