Judicial Dialogue and Human Rights

Judicial Dialogue and Human Rights


Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction. Judicial dialogue and human rights Amrei Muller and Hege Elisabeth Kjos; 2. Judicial dialogue on international human rights law in Poland and Eastern Europe Izabela Skomerska Muchowska; 3. Horizontal judicial dialogue on human rights: the practice of constitutional courts in South America Michael Freitas Mohallem; 4. The Supreme Court of Canada's Transnational Judicial Communication on Human Rights (1982-2014): an empirical assessment Gianluca Gentili and Elaine Mak; 5. Ideological barriers to judicial dialogue: a study of the laws establishing Shari'ah courts in Malaysia and Nigeria Azizat O. Amoloye-Adebayo; 6. Complementary protection and domestic courts: the extent, method, purpose and effects of judicial dialogue Naomi Hart; 7. The construction of same-sex families in Western Europe through legislative and judicial dialogues: the role of national legislatures and supranational courts Daniele Gallo and Matteo M. Winkler; Part I. Reports on Practice: Domestic Judges: 8. Engaging in judicial dialogue: some reflections from the United Kingdom Supreme Court The Right Hon. Lord Carnwath of Notting Hill; 9. Engaging in judicial dialogue: the practice of the German Federal Constitutional Court Andreas Paulus; 10. Judicial dialogue: the experience of Italy Raffaele Sabato; 11. The ECtHR's engagement with German and Russian courts' decisions: encouraging effective cooperation to secure ECHR rights Amrei Muller; 12. Encouraging judicial dialogue: the contribution of human rights NGOs' briefs to the European Court of Human Rights Laura Van Den Eynde; Part II. Reports on Practice: ECtHR Judges: 13. Dialogues between the Strasbourg Court and national courts: a note Luis Lopez Guerra; 14. The ECtHR's use of decisions of domestic courts from states not involved in the case and of other Council of Europe bodies Erik Mose; 15. The ECtHR' use of decisions of international courts and quasi-judicial bodies Angelika Nussberger; 16. From judicial dialogue to cosmopolitan norms: enhancing democracy in globalised states Clara Marsan-Raventos; 17. Dialogue or interaction? A non-cosmopolitan reading of transjudicial communication Luca Pasquet; 18 Conclusion Amrei Muller.
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