Jaakko Hintikka on Knowledge and Game-Theoretical Semantics

Jaakko Hintikka on Knowledge and Game-Theoretical Semantics

van Ditmarsch, Hans; Sandu, Gabriel

Springer International Publishing AG






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Short overview of the development of Hintikka's work in logic.- From Pictures to Semantical Games: Hintikka's Journey through Semantic Representationalism.- Is natural semantics possible? - ordinary English, formal deformationscum-reformations and the limits of model theory.- Knowing-who in quantified epistemic logic.- Group Knowledge in Interrogative Epistemology.- Known Unknowns: Time bounds and Knowledge of Ignorance.- Topological Subset Space Models for Public Announcements.- Seeing is Believing: Formalising False-Belief Tasks in Dynamic Epistemic Logic.- Playing Cards with Hintikka.- On Semantic Games for Lukasiewicz Logic.- Hintikka and Frege on Quantifiers.- Dynamic Logics of Imperfect Information: From Teams and Games to Transitions.- Logical Dialogues with Explicit Preference Profiles and Strategy Selection.- Hintikka's Knowledge and Belief in Flux.- Possible worlds semantics based on observation and communication.- Knowledge, Time, and Paradox: Introducing Sequential Epistemic Logic.- Borel Sets in the Generalized Baire Space and Infinitary Languages.- Questions of Epistemic Logic in Hintikka.- The Proof Theory of Common Knowledge.- Knowability and a New Paradox of Happiness.- Some Tools for Analyzing Strategic Games of Independence-Friendly Logic and Their Applications.- Beyond knowing that: A new generation of epistemic logics.- Epistemic Logic with Evidence and Relevant Alternatives
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Logic semantics;Game theory Semantics;Hintikka death;Epistemic Logic;Independence Friendly Logic;semantic representationalism;natural semantics;quantified epistemic logic;game semantics logic;semantics modal logic;Saul Kripke;semantic tableau;independence-friendly logic;interrogative epistemology;Sequential Epistemic Logic;Paradox of Happiness;Socratic Epistemology;Analyses of Aristotle;Inquiry as Inquiry: A Logic of Scientific Discovery;Language Truth Logic Mathematics