Issues and Challenges of Inclusive Development

Issues and Challenges of Inclusive Development

Essays in Honor of Prof. R. Radhakrishna

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Inclusive Development: Overview and Synthesis.- Seventy Years of Indian Economy: Growth and Challenges.- Economic Reform Policies and Inclusive Development.- Challenges in Achieving Inclusive and Sustainable Growth in India.- The Future of Inclusive Growth in India.- Managing Public Grain Reserves.- Understanding Food Policy Process in India: An Application to Food Security Act of 2013.- Globalisation and the Structure of the Manufacturing Sector in India.- Towards a New Industrial Policy in India.- Some Public Health Issues in India.- Is Globalisation Inclusive in Health outcomes? Experience of African Countries.- Inclusive Poverty Index without the Poverty Line in the Tradition of Engel.- Two Themes in Poverty and Inequality in India are Just Finding What We Measure instead of Measuring What We Find.- Have the Emerging Developing Economies been enjoying the Inclusive Global Growth in the Export of Modern Services?.- Global Economic Crisis 2008: A Contemporary Reappraisal with an Ethical Perspective.
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