Islamism in the Modern World

Islamism in the Modern World

A Historical Approach

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Preface Glossary 1. Introduction: Debates and Terminology 2. Sufis, Scholars and Rebels: Classical Precedents for Contemporary Islamism 3. The Assault on Tradition: Islamic Revivalism in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries 4. Between Muslim Rationalism and European Colonialism: The Islamic Reformists 5. The First Islamists: The Muslim Brotherhood, 1928-1954 6. Islamism's Chief Theoretician: Mawdudi, South Asia and the Jama'at-i-Islami 7. Marxist Borrowings: Islamism and the Left 8. Hate-filled Extremist or Brutalized Intellectual? Sayyid Qutb 9. The Rule of the Jurist: Khomeini and the 1979 Revolution 10. Reformer, Radical or Maverick? Hasan al-Turabi and Islamism in Sudan 11. Between Sharia, Custom and Patriarchy: Islamist Views of Women, Women as Islamists 12. From Hizbullah to the Taliban: The Militant Wave 13. The Extremist Fringe? Al-Qa'eda, ISIS and the Dawn of Global Jihadism 14. Twenty-first Century Abduhs? Post-Islamism, Democracy and the Arab Spring Notes Bibliography Index
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