Irish Urban Fictions

Irish Urban Fictions


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1. Introduction: Irish Urban Fictions - Maria Beville and Deirdre Flynn.- 2. Whose Dublin Is It Anyway? Joyce, Doyle, and the City - Eva Roa White.- 3. That Limerick Lady: Exploring the relationship between Kate O'Brien and her city - Maggie O'Neill.- 4. Migrants in the City: Dublin through the Stranger's Eyes in Hugo Hamilton's Hand in the Fire - Molly Ferguson.- 5. Chapter Four. Phantasmal Belfast, Ancient Languages, Modern Aura in Ciaran Carson's The Star Factory:Tim Keane.- 6.'Neither this nor that': The De-centred Textual City in Ulysses - Quyen Nguyen.- 7. Urban Degeneracy and the Free State in Flann O'Brien's At Swim-Two-Birds- Laura Lovejoy.- 8. Putting the 'Urban' into 'Disturbance': Kevin Barry's City of Bohane and the Irish Urban Gothic- Martyn Colebrook.- 9. John Banville: The City as Illuminated Image. Neil Murphy.- 10. The Haunted Dublin of Ulysses: Two Modes of Time in the Second City of the Empire. Nikhil Gupta.- 11.'It's only history': Belfast in Rosemary Jenkinson's Short Fiction. Dawn Miranda Sherratt-Bado.- 12. The City of the Farset: Portrayals of Belfast in three novels by Glenn Patterson. Terry Phillips.
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