Invisibility in African Displacements

Invisibility in African Displacements

From Structural Marginalization to Strategies of Avoidance


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Table of contents Introduction: The Production of Invisibility in African Displacements Part I: Humanitarian In/Visibilities 1. Renegotiating Humanitarian Governance. Challenging Invisibility in the Chad-Sudan Borderlands 2. Encamped Within a Camp: Transgender Refugees and Kakuma Refugee Camp (Kenya) 3. Displacement and Strategies of Invisibility in Post-War Burundi 4. Sufficiently Visible/Invisibly Self-Sufficient: Recognition and Displacement Agriculture in Western Tanzania Part II: State in/visibilities 5. Forced Migration and a 'Tolerant' Administration. Processes Making Refugees Invisible in Adamoua, Cameroon 6. Entangled Hypervisibility: Senegalese Migrants Everyday Struggles for a Place in the City 7. Paths to Paris. Hodological space and invisibility among Malian migrants without papers 8. Invisibility as a Livelihood Strategy: Zimbabwean Migrant Domestic Workers in Botswana 9. The Nigerien Migrants in Kaddafi's Libya: Between Visibility and Invisibility 10. Violence, Displacement and In/Visibility of Bodies, Papers and Images in Burundi Part III: Social In/Visibilities 11. (Dis)Connectivity and Invisibility of Mobile Fulani in West Africa 12. Fugitive emplacements: Wahayu Concubine Visibility Tactics through Fugitive Cross-border Mobilities, Niger-Nigeria 13. The Paradoxes of Migrant In/Visibility: Understanding Displacement Intersectionalities in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso Afterword
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