Inventive Geniuses Who Changed the World

Inventive Geniuses Who Changed the World

Fifty-Three Great British Scientists and Engineers and Five Centuries of Innovation

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Introduction.- "Revolutions" - Scientific, Agricultural and Industrial.- The Steam Age - Evolution of Steam Engines and the 1st Steam Locomotive.- Advances in Forms of Transport - Steam Locomotives, Cycle Tyres, Oceanic Liners, and Jet Aircraft. Transport Infrastructure - Canals, Roads, and Commercial Railways.- Drawbacks with Industrialization. Sanitary Revolution Offering Technologies to Improve Public Health.- Natural Sciences.- History of the Atom, 1803 to 1932.
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Eminent British Scientists;Eminent British Engineers;Evolution of Science and Technology;Industrial Revolution;Advances in Transport and Infrastructure;Palaeontology and Evolution;X-ray Crystallography of Biomolecules;The Genetic Code;The Ages of Concrete and Steel;The Digital Age;Solving Crimes via Forensic Science