Invalid Modernism

Invalid Modernism

Disability and the Missing Body of the Aesthetic

Oxford University Press






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Preface: Disorientations Introduction: Disability, Modernism, and the Embodied Aesthetic 1: Invalid Modernism: A Diseased Aesthetic 2: 'The Rage of Caliban': The Mirror of Recognition 3: Exquisite Corporeality: Detachable Bodies of the Avant-Garde 4: 'Every Man His Speciality': Beckett and the Dialectics of Dependence 5: Pregnant Men: Biofuturity in Djuna Barnes and Virginia Woolf 6: Uncanny Encounters: Dramas of Contingency in Modernism 7: Missing Bodies: Disappearances in the Aesthetic 8: Cleavings: Critical Losses in the Politics of Deaf Gain