Interventional Treatment of Wounds

Interventional Treatment of Wounds

A Modern Approach for Better Outcomes

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Contents Foreword Christopher E. Attinger SECTION I: SURGICAL METHODS AND TECHNIQUES 1. Surgical Debridement Joshua A. David and Ernest S. Chiu 2. Bacterial Control Jessica D. Smith, Indranil Sinha, and Douglas L. Helm 3. Amputations of the Lower Extremity Joseph Park, Tammer Elmarsafi, and John S. Steinberg 4. Gastrocsoleus Lengthening Christopher P. Chiodo 5. Operative Management of Pressure Injuries Dennis P. Orgill 6. Forefoot Operations Paul J. Kim 7. Hindfoot Operations Alec A. Macaulay and Jeremy Smith 8. Skin Grafting Lifei Guo, Jillian L. Fortier, and Charles L. Castiglione 9. Local and Regional Flaps Raman Mehrzad, Daniel Kwan, Scott Schmidt, and Paul Y. Liu 10. Perforator Flaps Joon Pio (Jp) Hong, Donghoon Choi, and Hyunsuk (Peter) Suh 11. Free Tissue Transfer Benjamin J. Mitchell, Michael V. DeFazio, and Karen Kim Evans 12. Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Lauren R. Bayer 13. Matrices and Dermal Substitutes for Wound Treatment Sumanas W. Jordan, Sergey Y. Turin, Eric Robert Zielinski, and Robert D. Galiano SECTION II: INTERVENTIONAL TECHNIQUES 14. Arterial Diagnostics Kaspar Trocha and Samir K. Shah 15. Minimally Invasive Arterial Interventions for Wounds Dean J. Arnaoutakis and Edwin C. Gravereaux 16. Endovascular Venous Interventions Chieh-Min Fan
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skin grafting;tissue transfer;wound care;interventional treatment;local and regional flaps;surgery;plastic surgery