Interpreting the Chinese Diaspora

Interpreting the Chinese Diaspora

Identity, Socialisation, and Resilience According to Pierre Bourdieu


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Foreword 1. Chapter One: Approaching Chinese diaspora and Pierre Bourdieu 2. Chapter Two: Looking Chinese and learning Chinese as a Heritage Language: Habitus realisation within racialised social fields 3. Chapter Three: Young Chinese girls' aspirations in sport: Gendered practices within Chinese families 4. Chapter Four: Understanding the public pedagogies on Chinese gendered and racialised bodies 5. Chapter Five: Reconciling the different logic of practice between Chinese students and parents in a transnational era 6. Chapter Six: Coming into a cultural inheritance: Building resilience through primary socialisation 7. Chapter Seven: Resilience to racial discrimination within the field of secondary socialisation: The role of school staff support 8. Chapter Eight: Does Chineseness equate with mathematics competence? Resilience to racialised stereotype 9. Chapter Nine: Recapitulating Chinese diaspora and sociologising diasporic self Index
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