Intelligent Integrated Energy Systems

Intelligent Integrated Energy Systems

The PowerWeb Program at TU Delft

Palensky, Peter; Cvetkovic, Milos; Keviczky, Tamas

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Preface.- Part I: Vision and Projects.- Power Web Projects.- Part II: Methods for Analysis of Future Power Grids.- Topology-Driven Performance Analysis of Power Grids.- Grid Awareness under Normal Conditions and Cyber-Threats.- Part III: Simulations of Future Power Systems.- Globalized Newton-Krylov-Schwarz AC Load Flow Methods for Future Power Systems.- Co-Simulation of Intelligent Power Systems.- Part IV: Coordination and Management of Storage and Flexible Consumption.- Fast Convergence in Electric Vehicle Smart Charging.- Distributed Stochastic Thermal Energy Management in Smart Thermal Grids.- Part V: Vehicle to Grid Technologies and Institutional Arrangements.- Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle-to-Grid Feasibility: A Technical Analysisof Aggregated Units Offering Frequency Reserves.- Part VI: Planning and Scheduling in Renewable-Enriched Energy Grids.- Multi-Agent Planning under Uncertainty for Capacity Management.- Computationally Tractable Reserve Scheduling for AC Power Systems with Wind Power Generation.