Inside Hazardous Technological Systems

Inside Hazardous Technological Systems

Methodological foundations, challenges and future directions


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Foreword: qualitative inquiries into safety research Silvia Gherardi 1.Hazardous technological systems from the inside out: An Introduction Kenneth Gould & Carl Macrae 2.Turner and the Sociology of Disasters Andrew Hopkins 3.Access, Methods and Knowledge when exploring High-hazard Systems: Lessons from the Past for the Future Mathilde Bourrier 4.In the footsteps of Turner...from grounded theory to conceptual ethnography in safety Jean-christophe Le Coze 5.Case studies in safety research Stian Antonsen 6 Torgeir Haavik 6.Actor Network Theory and Sensework in Safety Research Torgeir Haavik 7.Learning to do ethnography in complex systems Christian H. Kuran 8.Work as planned, as done and as desired:A framework for exploring everyday safety-critical practice Andrew J. Rae, David E. Weber, Sidney W. A. Dekker 9.Combining lenses: Pragmatics and action research in safety science. Trond Kongsvik & Petter Almklov, Norway 10.Bridging an Unsafe Divide: In Search of Integrated Safety Science Research Paul Schulman 11.Large-scale mixed-method evaluation of safety programmes and interventions Graham Martin, Jane OHara & Justin Waring 12.Putting senior management in focus: A critical reflection on the direction of safety science research Jan Hayes and Sarah Maslen 13.Politics, accident research and analysis: the evolution of investigation methods and practices in healthcare Siri Wiig, Jeffrey Braithwaite & Geir Sverre Braut 14.Exploring the grey area of cyber security in Industrial Control Systems (ICS): A qualitative research matter Alberto Zanutto Afterword: Connoisseurship, the Sociological Imagination and Turner's Qualitative Method Nick Pidgeon
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Actor-Network Theory; ANT; Barry Turner; Grounded Theory; Safety Critical Systems; Safety Science