Inorganic and Organic Thin Films

Inorganic and Organic Thin Films

Fundamentals, Fabrication, and Applications

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Volume 1 1. Introduction: the progress and future of functional thin films and coatings 2. Fundamental in functional thin films and coatings (1) Basic physics in functional thin films and coatings (2) Surface and interface theory in functional thin films (3) Magnetic, optical, electronic, thermal, piezoelectric and thermal-electric properties in thin films and coatings (4) Relations of compositions, structures and properties of functional thin films and coatings 3. Progress in design, fabrication, surface and interface control of thin films and coatings 4. MEMs, NEMs and AEMs for modern and next generation of computing and communication technology 5. Semiconductor thin films for information technology 6. Multi-layered magnetic thin films for electron transport control and signal sensing: from GMR, CMR, TMR to quantum anomalous Holzer effect 7. Magnetooptical thin films for wave guiding and controlling 8. Magnetoacoustic films for navigation of underwater vehicles 9. Metamaterial or meta-structural films for EM wave shielding 10. Light harvest films for solar cells 11. Thermoelectric films for electricity generation 12. Surface enhanced Raman scattering films for ultrasensitive sensing of chemicals and biomolecules 13. Thermal barrier coating for aerial engines Volume 2 14. Polymeric permeable membranes in desalination and substance separation 15. Polymer composite coating for anti-corrosion 16. Organic-based thin film for optoelectronic devices 17. Barrier functional polymer 18. Polymer-based films for artificial intelligence 19. Organic-inorganic films for new energy (fuel cell, solar cell) 20. Electromagnetic compatibility polymer-based films 21. Flexible optical stealth polymer-based thin film or coating 22. Organic anti-static coatings 23. Polymer-based fluid mechanical optimized coating 24. Multifunctional organic-inorganic thin films 25. Prospective for advanced functional thin films
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