Inorganic Two-dimensional Nanomaterials

Inorganic Two-dimensional Nanomaterials

Fundamental Understanding, Characterizations and Energy Applications

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Royal Society of Chemistry






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Exploring Two-Dimensional Crystals with Atomic Thickness from Molecular Design and Global Structure Search; Degree of buckling on mechanics of ultrathin sheets; Surface modification for engineering the intrinsic magnetic properties of inorganic 2D nanomaterials; Optical and optoelectronic properties of two-dimensional materials; Solid-state Synthesis of two-dimensional layered crystal; Liquid Phase Synthesis of Two-Dimensional Crystals: from Top-down to Bottom-up; growth mechanism of 2D nanomaterials; The investigations of two dimenstional materials by scannning tunneling microscopy; Characterizing the structures of atomically thin two-dimensional transition metal chalcogenide by advanced electron microscopy; Synchrotron Radiation Spectroscopic Techniques for Two-Dimensional Materials; Inorganic two-dimensional nanomaterials for electrocatalysis; Two-dimensional nanomaterials applying for the flexible supercapacitors; Inorganic two-dimensional nanostructures for flexible lithium-ion batteries; Two-dimensional nanomaterials ideal platform to understand photocatalysis; Two-dimensional nanomaterials: promising candidate for thermoelectric application
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