Indonesia's Oil

Indonesia's Oil

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Preface -- Introduction -- Development of Indonesia's Oil Industry -- Indonesian Oil: Present and Future -- The Role of Oil in Indonesia's Economic Development -- Indonesia and OPEC -- Indonesia's Political and Economic Role in ASEAN -- Conclusions -- Appendices -- Pertamina Law -- Frame of Production Sharing Contract -- Foreign Oil Companies Operating in Indonesia -- Foreign Oil Companies Operating in Indonesia -- Pertamina Basic Organization Chart -- Transfer of Duties Within Pertamina Area Management and Installation of New Executives -- Zones of Pertamina Vertical Organizational Working Areas -- Some Aspects of Energy Resource Development in Indonesia to the Year 2000, by Ir. Wijarso -- Pertamina's Manpower Development Policy, by Major General Soekamto Sajidiman -- Joint Press Communique -- Declaration of ASEAN Concord -- Treaty of Amity and Cooperation -- Peace and Security in Asia and the Pacific, by Lt. General Ali Moertopo
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