In-Between Identities: Signs of Islam in Contemporary American Writing

In-Between Identities: Signs of Islam in Contemporary American Writing

Waldmeir, John







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Acknowledgments Introduction-Words Beneath Words 1 Traveling with an American Qur'an: Sandow Birk and the Thirty Mosques in Thirty Days Project 1 Plurality Across 30 Mosques 2 Everyday Bonds: Living Muslim Lives in America 3 Assembling the Stories of 30 Mosques 4 Sandow Birk and Scenes for an American Qur'an 5 Bending Borders in an American Qur'an 6 Tradition as a Ritual Process of Communication 2 "Learning to Pray All Over": The Body in Mohja Kahf's Poetry and Fiction 1 Marvelous Women 2 The Language of the Body 3 (Un)moored 4 Just Being 3 "Are You A Muslim or Will You Love?" Dropping the Veil in Kazim Ali's Writing 1 The Body in Space 2 Patterns in and of the Body 4 Begun in Mystery: Ayad Akhtar's Fiction and Drama 1 Visible Lives, Invisible Hands 2 The Invisible Hand 3 Akhtar's Islam 4 Faith and the Body 5 Disgraced 5 "Sometimes I Feel Me": Between Faith and Resistance in the Poetry of Blackamerican Islam 1 Amir Sulaiman 2 Blueprint 6 Where Hope Begins: The Intertextual Worlds of Rabih Alameddine 1 Intertextual Violence and Identity 2 Violence, Identity, Hope Conclusion-"Half In, Half Out": Willow Wilson and Ms. Marvel to the Rescue Bibliography Index