Imaging for Clinical Oncology

Imaging for Clinical Oncology

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1: Peter Hoskin and Vicky Goh: Introduction 2: Connie Yip, N. Jane Taylor, Anthony Chambers, and Vicky Goh: Principles of imaging 3: Thankamma Ajithkumar, Heok Cheow, and Peter Hoskin: MRI and functional imaging in radiotherapy planning, delivery, and treatment 4: Dinos Geropantas and Victoria Ames: Breast 5: Pooja Jain, Katy Clarke, and Michael Darby: Lung and thorax 6: Peter Hoskin, Heok Cheow, and Thankamma Ajithkumar: Lymphoma 7: Kieran Foley, Carys Morgan, and Tom Crosby: Oesophageal tumours 8: Nicholas Carroll and Elizabeth C. Smyth: Gastric tumours 9: Marika Reinius, Edmund Godfrey, and Bristi Basu: Hepatic and biliary tumours 10: Thankamma Ajithkumar and David Bowden: Pancreatic tumours 11: Haesun Choi: Gastrointestinal stromal tumours 12: Vivek Misra and Rohit Kochhar: Rectal cancer 13: Rebecca Muirhead and Vicky Goh: Anal cancer 14: Ananya Choudhury and Peter Hoskin: Urological cancers 15: Kate Lankester and Lavanya Vitta: Gynaecological cancers 16: Gill Barnett and Tilak Das: Head and neck cancers 17: Sara C. Erridge, Gerard Thompson, and David Summers: Central nervous system 18: Gail Horan, Emma-Louise Gerety, Sarah Prewett, and Morag Brothwell: Soft tissue sarcomas 19: Luigi Aloj: Endocrine tumours 20: Gulshad Begum, Sarah Prewett, Gail Horan, and Emma-Louise Gerety: Primary Bone Sarcomas 21: Mark Gaze, Monique Shahid, Paul Humphries, and Francesca Peters: Paediatrics 22: Helen Addley, Katy Hickman, and Thankamma Ajithkumar: Imaging for common complications 23: June Dean: Imaging for treatment verifications 24: Simon Thomas: Radiation protection issues when imaging patients for radiotherapy
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