Identity, Power and Influence in the Boardroom

Identity, Power and Influence in the Boardroom

Actionable Strategies for Developing High Impact Directors and Boards

Thuraisingham, Meena

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Introduction Part I 1 The board's role and accountability in developing and deciding strategy: the theory and reality 2 Board capital: the source of director influence, perceived relevance and legitimacy to influence 3 The boardroom: decoding the hidden hierarchy and board culture 4 Essential NED skills for strengthening strategic influence 5 Rethinking the leadership of the board Part II 6 Developing a strategically active board 7 The BoardQ approach to board effectiveness, development and renewal 8 Letter from investors-what we expect from boards 9 The future of governance and the 'fit for future' board
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Agency paradigm; Board dynamics; Complexity; Model of governance; Strategic direction; Talent management