Iconoclasm and the Museum

Iconoclasm and the Museum

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Introduction Clean Cuts; Chapter 1 Using and Abusing Images and Objects: After The Destruction of Art; Chapter 2 Divorced, Beheaded, Survived: Iconoclasm and Institutional Integrity; Chapter 3 Iconoclasm's Geographies: Fallen Monuments and Broken Bodies; Chapter 4 Dead Images: Losing Art; Chapter 5 Defaced: Breaking and Remaking Art Now; Conclusion Hidden Histories
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Boldrick;Iconoclasm;Display;Museum;Image;Breaking;Destruction;Destroy;Deface;Dismantle;Object;Art;Gallery;Galleries;Broken;Artefact;History;Damage;Protect;Politics;Political;Round Room;archaeology;King George III;museum professionals;George III;iconoclastic practices;Young Men;cultural artefacts;HMS Belfast;Catherine Wheel;Iconoclastic Actions;Manchester Art Gallery;St Maries;Iconoclastic Events;Rokeby Venus;Cheapside Cross;Museum Catharijneconvent;Reformation Iconoclasm;Bamiyan Buddhas;Class III;Confederate Monuments;Raqs Media Collective;Platt Hall;Glasgow Museums;Alabaster Sculptures;MVH;St John Hope;Provenance Research;Coronation Park