Hybrid Intelligence for Social Networks

Hybrid Intelligence for Social Networks

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Social Networks: Fundamentals and Applications.- MapReduce-Based K-FA Algorithm for Detecting Communities in Social Networks.- Group Search Optimization Strategy for Community Detection in Complex Networks.- Strategizing Information Dissemination in Real-Life Networks.- Nature-Inspired Heuristics Approach to Partitioning Complex Interaction Networks.- ROGO: Recommendations on the Go for Travel Tweeters.- Analysing Social Interaction Networks: Improving Teaching Learning Pedagogies.- Adapting Trustworthy Social Web Environments for the Cloud.- Enhanced Black-Hole Algorithm for Viral Marketing.- Comparative Analysis of Network Visualization Tools.- Enacting a Prioritized Health Awareness Campaign for Social Web Users.- Identifying Clusters in Complex Dynamic Social Networks Using Evolutionary Algorithms.- Using Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets to Prioritize Relationships Among Facebook Users.- A Predictive Approach to Ranking Academic Articles.
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