Hybrid Ethnography

Hybrid Ethnography

Online, Offline, and In Between

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Preface Acknowledgments Author Bio Chapter 1: Introduction to Hybrid Ethnography Overview Hybrid Ethnography: Theoretical and Practical Shifts What You Need to Begin Summary Further Reading Chapter 2: Ethics IRBs, Ethics Boards, and Research Design Personal and Professional Ethics Concerns for Partially Online Fieldsites Positionality Summary Further Reading Chapter 3: Grounding: Research Reflexivity and Connectivity Researcher and Field Coordinating Hybrid Fieldwork: Pre-Field Research Design Navigating the Online Portion of Your Fieldsite Summary Further Reading Chapter 4: Collecting and Organizing Your Data Context Field Log Participation and Documentation in the Hybrid Field Online Interactions in the Hybrid Field Data Collection and Management Notetaking Writing Up After Participant Observation Data Organization Tools Summary Further Reading Chapter 5: Participation, Observation, and Interpretation Initial Interpretation Across the Hybrid Site Language and Participant Observation Making Sense of Hypertext and Multimedia Texts Mapping the Relationships That Make Your Scene Expectations for Hybrid Collaboration Summary Further Reading Chapter 6: Photography and Recordings in the Hybrid Field Documentation in the Hybrid Field Recording Strategies Dialogic Photography, Videography, and Audio Recording Documentation of Media by Other Participants Ethics of Documentation in the Hybrid Field Summary Further Reading Chapter 7: Interviews and Surveys Choosing a Medium Ethics for Hybrid Research Surveys and Interviews Preparing Interviews and Surveys Logistical Concerns Conducting Surveys Interviews and Surveys Together in a Research Context Conducting Interviews After the Interview Summary Further Reading Chapter 8: Hybrid Fieldwork Analysis Analyzing Information From Fieldwork Integrating Information Specific to Expressive Culture Dialogue Analysis: A Fieldwork Example Summary Further Reading Chapter 9: Sharing Research Results Publication and Participant Privacy Deciding How and What to Share Writing Media Other Formats for Sharing Summary Further Reading Chapter 10: Conclusion: Remaining Nimble in the Changing Field Changes in Tools A Note About Consistency Theorizing Change Summary Further Reading Bibliography Index
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