Human Interaction with the Divine, the Sacred, and the Deceased

Human Interaction with the Divine, the Sacred, and the Deceased

Psychological, Scientific, and Theological Perspectives

Schwartz, Gary E.; Plante, Thomas G., PhD

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Introduction Thomas G. Plante and Gary E. Schwartz Part I: The Personal and Storied Experience of Divine and Departed Communications 1: Marginalizing the Sacred: The Clinical Contextualization of Sensed Presence Experiences Patricia Pearson 2: Understanding Lived Experiences of Encountering the Divine and the Departed T. Anne Richards 3: Personal Experiences of Communication with the Departed, the Sacred, and the Divine - A Self-Science Approach Gary E. Schwartz Part II: Theological Considerations 4: Travels Beyond Catherine Wolff 5: "God saw . . . and God knew . . .": Science, Divine Action, and Un/answered Prayers Paul J. Schutz 6: "My Soul is Not Me": Monistic Anthropologies and Participatory Prayer Amanda Alexander 7: Christian Perspectives on Praying for Deliverance from Demons Candy Gunther Brown 8: Islamic Perspectives on Human Interaction with the Divine, the Sacred, Saints, and the Deceased. Hasan Awan and Carrie York Al-Karam Part III: Medical, Technological, and Scientific Considerations 9: Love and Healing Larry Dossey 10: Implications of the Emerging Science of Consciousness for Prayer and Divine Experience Eben Alexander 11: Murder, Truth and Justice, and Religion: Altered Carbon and the Ambiguity of Real Death Braden Molhoek 12: Ghosts and Gods in the Machine: Human-Machine Interfaces in Transhuman Philosophy Levi Checketts 13: Contemporary Evidence for Communication with the Departed and the Sacred Gary E. Schwartz Part IV: Psychological Considerations 14: The Process of Believing and Communicating with the Unseen Raymond F. Paloutzian, Rudiger J. Seitz, and Hans-Ferdinand Angel 15: The Meaning of Beliefs in Communicating with God and the Deceased for Individuals' Well-being Crystal L. Park 16: Perceiving Messages from the Divine and Departed: An Attributional Perspective Julie J. Exline and Kathleen C. Pait 17: Ethical Challenges with Communication with the Divine and the Departed Thomas G. Plante Conclusions Thomas G. Plante and Gary E. Schwartz
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