How to Reach Japan by Subway

How to Reach Japan by Subway

America's Fascination with Japanese Culture, 1945-1965

University of Nebraska Press







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List of Illustrations Acknowledgments Introduction 1. Humble Leaders of the Free World: Historical Context of the Shibui Aesthetic 2. Samurai at the Sure Seaters: 1950s "Highbrow" Japanese Movies in the United States 3. Friendship through Flowers: Americans' Appreciation of Ikebana and Bonsai 4. How to Be American with Shibui Things: Japanese Aesthetics in the American Home 5. Satori in America: Intellectuals and Artists Discover Zen Buddhism 6. Zen Goes "Boom": The Popularity of Zen Buddhism, Both Beat and Square 7. Japan for the Rest of Us: Non-Shibui Japanese Imports in the Postwar Era Conclusion Notes Bibliography Index
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