How to Get Your PhD

How to Get Your PhD

A Handbook for the Journey

Oxford University Press






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1: What is a PhD? 2: Things you need to know 3: Things that will happen 4: How to Find your New Idea 5: How to work with a Supervisor 6: Work on Yourself 7: How to Read 8: How to Write 9: How to give Presentations 10: What happens in a Viva? 11: Your Post-PhD Life 12: Skills you will have gained i: Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell DBE FRS: Choosing a Career in Science ii: Professor Victoria Burns: Becoming a Reflective Professional iii: Professor Steve Furber CBE FRS FREng: Doing your PhD as part of a team iv: Dr Lucy Kissick: Saying yes to opportunity and no v: Professor Hiranya Peiris: The Rewards of Risk in Research vi: Professor Melanie Leng MBE: Top Writing Tips vii: Professor Jeremy Wyatt: Mistakes your Supervisor will make viii: Professor David Hand OBE FBA MMC: A PhD in Statistics & Data Science ix: Dr Carolyn Virca: Building a Strong Support Network . x: Dr Shakir Mohamed: Inventing Ourselves: Responsibility & Diversity in Research xi: Dr Jonny Brooks-Bartlett: Public Engagement in Research xii: Dr Jennifer Polk: Your career is up to you
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