How to Do Things with Affects

How to Do Things with Affects

Affective Triggers in Aesthetic Forms and Cultural Practices

Alphen, Ernst van; Jirsa, Tomas







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Notes on Contributors Introduction: Mapping Affective Operations Ernst van Alphen and Tomas Jirsa PART 1 Triggering the Affects 1 Reading Irony through Affect: the Non-Sovereign Ironic Subject in C.P. Cavafy's Diary Maria Boletsi 2 (An)Aesthetics of Affect: the Case of Hyper-Realism Pietro Conte 3 Relational Affect: Perspectives from Philosophy and Cultural Studies Jan Slaby 4 (Nearly) Nothing to Express : Horror : some Tread : a Toroid Eugenie Brinkema 5 Integrating Affect and Language: Essayism as an Affective Practice in Robert Musil's The Man Without Qualities Anne Fleig and Matthias Luthjohann PART 2 Sensations, Resonances, and Transformations 6 Affective Disfigurations: Faceless Encounters between Literary Modernism and the Great War Tomas Jirsa 7 Monstrous Resonances: Affect and Animated Pornography Susanna Paasonen 8 Reading for Affects: Francis Bacon and the Work of Sensation Ernst van Alphen PART 3 Affects as Triggers 9 Affectively Effective: Affect as an Artistic-Political Strategy Mieke Bal 10 Affect Is the Medium Christiane Voss 11 Et in Academia Ego: Affect and Academic Writing Bernd Herzogenrath 12 The Arab Spring's Stranger: the Affective Media Phenomenon of The Girl in the Blue Bra Christina Riley 13 Affective Exchange in Portraiture: to Follow J. Jackie Baier into the Photographic Dissolve Eliza Steinbock Name Index
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