How Ireland Voted 2020

How Ireland Voted 2020

The End of an Era

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1. The Road to the Election - Gary Murphy 2. Election pledge fulfilment under minority government - Rory Costello, Alice Sheridan, and Duncan Casey 3. Too many, too few: candidate selection in 2020 - Theresa Reidy 4. Campaign Strategies: the inside story of how the election was fought - Pat Leahy 5. Brexit and the election: the issue that wasn't - Mary C. Murphy 6. Media and the election: social and traditional media narratives in the campaign - Kirsty Park and Jane Suiter 7. On the campaign trail - Mairead Farrell, James O' Connor, Jennifer Carroll MacNeill, Roderic O'Gorman, Marie Sherlock, and Jennifer Whitmore 8. The results analyses: the definitive end of the traditional party system? - Michael Gallagher 9. Geographical factors in constituency voting patterns - Adrian Kavanagh, William Durkan, and Caoilfhionn D'Arcy 10. Voting behaviour: the Sinn Fein election - Kevin Cunningham and Michael Marsh 11. The evolving nature of the Irish policy space - Lisa Keenan and Gail McElroy 12. The Seanad election: voting in unprecedented times - Claire McGing 13. The slow formation of government - Eoin O'Malley 14. The election in context - John Coakley
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