How Good Policies and Business Ethics Enhance Good Quality of Life

How Good Policies and Business Ethics Enhance Good Quality of Life

The Selected Works of Alex C. Michalos

Michalos, Alex C.

Springer International Publishing AG






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Chapter 1. Social Sciences and Business Ethics.- Chapter 2. Business Ethics and the Quality of Life.- Chapter 3. The Costs of Decision Making.- Chapter 4. Efficiency and Mortality.- Chapter 5. Rationality between the Maximizers and the Satisficers.- Chapter 6. The Loyal Agent's Argument.- Chapter 7. Moral Responsibility in Business.- Chapter 8. A Case for a Progressive Annual Net Wealth Tax.- Chapter 9. Militarism and the Quality of Life.- Chapter 10. The Impact of Trust on Business, International Security and the Quality of Life.- Chapter 11. Ethical Considerations Regarding Public Opinion Polling During Election Campaigns.- Chapter 12. Brief to the Ontario Cabinet Committee on North American Free Trade.- Chapter 13. Issues for Business Ethics in the Nineties and Beyond.- Chapter 14. Observation on Performance Indicators and Performance-Based Management in Public Administration.- Chapter 15. The Integration of Public Policy-Making with Outcomes Measurement.- Chapter 16. A Handful of Sand in the Wheels of Financial Speculation.- Chapter 17. Ethics counselors as a New Priesthood.- Chapter 18. Observations on the Proposed BC - STV Voting System.- Chapter 19. Ancient Observations on Business Ethics.- Chapter 20. The Monster of Supercapitalism.- Chapter 21. The Business Case for Asserting the Business Case for Business Ethics.- Chapter 22. Public Policy Letters ti Editors 1989-2001.
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