Hirschsprung's Disease and Allied Disorders

Hirschsprung's Disease and Allied Disorders

Puri, Prem

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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1. Hirschsprung's Disease: A Historical Perspective2. Development of the Enteric Nervous system3. Functional Anatomy of the Enteric System4. Normal Colonic Morphology and Motor Function5. Animal Models of Hirschsprung's Disease6. Familial Hirschsprung's Disease7. Genetics of Hirschsprung's Disease8. Stem cell Therapy for Enteric neuropathies9. Pathophysiology of Hirschsprung's Disease10. Epidemiology and Clinical Characteristics of Hirschsprung's Disease11. Associated Anomalies and Syndromes in Hirschsprung's Disease12. Association between Hirschsprung's Disease and Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 2a13. Hirschsprung's Associated Enterocolitis14. Radiological Diagnosis of Hirschsprung's Disease15. Manometeric Diagnosis of Hirschsprung's Disease16. Rectal Biopsy for the diagnosis of Hirschsprung's Disease17. Histopathological Diagnosis of Hirschsprung's Disease18. Total Colonic Aganglionosis19. Hirschsprung's Disease in adolescents and adults 20. Variants of Hirschsprung's Disease21. Megacystis-Microcolon-Intestinal Hypoperistalsis syndrome22. Degenerative Hollow Visceral Myopathy Mimicking Hirschsprung's Disease23. Transanal Pull-Through operation for rectosigmoid Hirschsprung's Disease24. Laparoscopically Assisted Pull-Through operation for Hirschsprung's Disease25. Redo Surgery for Hirschsprung's Disease26. Early and late Complications following Pull-Through operation for Hirschsprung's Disease27. Morphological Basis of Persistent bowel problems following a properly performed pull-through operation for Hirschsprung's Disease28. Bowel Management for the treatment of Chronic constipation and soiling in patients operated for Hirschsprung's Disease29. Inflammatory Bowel Disease in patients with Hirschsprung's Disease30. Intestinal Transplantation for Total Intestinal Aganglionosis31. Urological and Sexual outcome in patients with Hirschsprung's Disease32. Longterm Outcome and Quality of life after treatment of Hirschsprung's Disease
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