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Foreword: Mark Lawson Series editors' preface Acknowledgments Contributors Hilary Mantel: A chronology Introduction: 'What cannot be fixed, measured, confined': The mobile texts of Hilary Mantel Eileen Pollard (University of Chester, UK) and Ginette Carpenter (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK) 1. Mantel's Social Work Gothic: Trauma and State Care in Every Day is Mother's Day and Vacant Possession Eleanor Byrne (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK) 2. History, Nation and Self: Wolf Hall and the Machinery of Memory Siobhan O'Connor (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK) 3. Making History Otherwise: Learning to Talk and The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher Eileen Pollard (University of Chester, UK) 4. Reading Minds: Wolf Hall's Revision of the Poetics of Subjectivity Renate Brosch (University of Stuttgart, Germany) 5. Subjectivity in Process: Writing and the 'I' in Giving Up the Ghost and Ink In The Blood Victoria Bennett (University of Kent, UK) 6. Becoming Ghost: Spectral Realism in Hilary Mantel's Fiction Wolfgang Funk (University of Mainz, Germany) 7. Walking the Dead: Unruly (Re)Animation in A Place of Greater Safety Ginette Carpenter (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK) 8. Holy Ghost Writers: Spectrality, Intertextuality and Religion in Wolf Hall and Fludd Lucy Arnold (University of Leeds, UK) 9. 'I am a settlement, a place of safety, a bombproof shelter': Hauntings, Hospitality, and Homeland Insecurity in Hilary Mantel's Beyond Black Kathryn Bird (Edge Hill University, UK) Interview Further Reading Index
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