High Velocity Microparticles in Space

High Velocity Microparticles in Space

Influence Mechanisms and Mitigating Effects of Electromagnetic Irradiation

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Chapter 1. Problems with Obtaining Materials for the Protection of Integrated Circuits From High-Velocity Streams of Microparticles and Possible Solutions.- Chapter 2. Methods and Equipment for Studying the Processes of Interaction of High-Velocity Streams of Microparticles with Materials.- Chapter 3. Effects of Exposure to High-Velocity Streams of Microparticles.- Chapter 4. Changes in the Structure and Properties of Single- and Multilayer Materials under the Influence of a High-Velocity Stream of Microparticles.- Chapter 5. Special Aspects of the Production Technology for Multilayer Protective Materials used in the Integrated Circuit Packaging.- Chapter 6. Method of Protection From Electromagnetic Radiation.- Chpater 7. Environmental Friendly Method of Production of Nanocomposites and Nanomembranes.
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