Henry James and the Media Arts of Modernity

Henry James and the Media Arts of Modernity

Commercial Cosmopolitanism

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List of Illustrations Acknowledgments Introduction Henry James, Commercial Cosmopolitanism, and the Historical Formation of Mass Culture Chapter 1 Traditional Cosmopolitanism and Mass Culture in James's Early Fiction Chapter 2 The Anglo-American Newspaper Industry, Commercialized Celebrity, and the New Journalistic Style Chapter 3 Writing Machines: The Question of Cosmopolitan Opportunities for Mass-Produced Short Fiction Chapter 4 Getting the Picture: American Corporate Advertising and the Rise of a Cosmopolitan Visual Culture in The Ambassadors Chapter 5 The Sacred in the Profane: "The Old Things" and Spiritual Realism in Summersoft and The Wings of the Dove Chapter 6 That "Rare Power of Purchase:" The Material Advantage of Acquiring Cosmopolitan Skills in The Golden Bowl Epilogue Art Consumption in James's Last Writings Index
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