Heavy Metals in the Environment

Heavy Metals in the Environment

Impact, Assessment, and Remediation

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1. Heavy metals in the Ecosystem; Sources and their effects 2. Chemistry of Heavy metals in the environment 3. Geochemical background of heavy metals in the environment 4. Monitoring and Impact Assessment Approaches of heavy metals 5. Heavy metal contamination indices and ecological risk assessment index to assess metal pollution status in different soils 6. Combination of contamination indices and ecological risk assessment index for evaluation of pollution level in sediments 7. Use of multivariate statistical techniques to determine the source apportionment of heavy metals in soils and sediments 8. Human health risk assessment of heavy metals in different soils and sediments 9. Assessment of water quality using different pollution indices and multivariate statistical techniques 10. Heavy metal contamination in water and its possible sources 11. Application of GIS and remote sensing in heavy metal assessment 12. Remediation and detection techniques for heavy metals in the environment
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Anthropogenic activities; Aquatic toxicity; Background values; Bioaccumulation; Bioaccumulative; Bioindicators; Bioremediation; Cluster analysis; Contamination sources; Data transformation; Eco-environment; Ecological risk; Elements distribution; Environment; Environmental contaminants; Geographical information system; Global issue; Health hazard; Heavy elements; Heavy metal; Heavy metals; Human health; Human health risk appraisal; Impacts; Macroelements; Metal contamination; Microelements; Multiple pollution indices; Multivariate stats; Multivariate techniques; Phytoremediation; Pollution; Pollution indices; R-mode factor analyses; Remediation; Remote sensing; Review; Sediments; Single pollution indices; Soil degradation; Soil ecosystem; Soil quality; Soils; Sources; Surface water quality; Toxic elements; Toxicity; Trace elements; Water quality