Harry Kane: The Ultimate Fan Book

Harry Kane: The Ultimate Fan Book

Welbeck Publishing Group






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Introduction * The Young Harry Kane * Growing up in a sporting family * On trial at Arsenal, aged 11 * Local boy makes good * Turning professional at Tottenham * Learning on loan * UEFA Euro U19 semi-finalist * Champions League Star * Harry Kane at Home * FIFA U20 World Cup * Harry Kane's Super Skills * Great Tottenham Goals * UEFA EURO 2016 Frustration * Training with Harry Kane * The Pride of North London * Harry Kane in Numbers * Harry's Club-mates * Harry's fans * Great England Goals * Champions League 2018-19 * Harry Kane - A Coach's Dream * Global Superstar * Footballer of the Year * Harry Kane - Record Breaker * Harry Kane at the 2018 FIFA World Cup * Harry Kane - Facts, Honours and Awards * What Next for Harry? * Harry Kane Quiz.
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