Handbook on Austerity, Populism and the Welfare State

Handbook on Austerity, Populism and the Welfare State

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Contents: PART I INTRODUCTION 1 Introduction to Handbook on Austerity, Populism and the Welfare State 15 Bent Greve PART II CONCEPTUAL AND METHODOLOGICAL ISSUES 2 What is austerity? 24 Kevin Farnsworth and Zoe Irving 3 The politics of retrenchment 38 Peter Starke 4 Populism and the welfare state 53 Cristobal Rovira Kaltwasser and Lisa Zanotti 5 Measuring retrenchment in welfare states: overcoming the challenges to the definition, operationalization and measurement of welfare policy change 66 Elisa Helena Xiol Y Ferreira and Michael Howlett 6 The dependent variable problem revisited: methods, concepts, and scope in the welfare retrenchment literature 76 Mehmet Fuat Kina and Erdem Yoeru k 7 Understanding the 'welfare state' in the context of austerity and populism 93 Sonja Blum and Johanna Kuhlmann 8 Austerity, populism, and the politics of blame: an ideational perspective 106 Daniel Beland and Alex Waddan 9 The social legitimacy of European welfare states after "the age of austerity" 122 Femke Roosma 10 Austerity and poverty 142 Paul Spicker PART III COUNTRY AND WELFARE REGIMES - ANALYSIS OF AUSTERITY/POPULISM 11 Nordic welfare state changes especially in the light of migration and the financial crisis 155 Bent Greve and Jon Kvist 12 Fiscal austerity, welfare retrenchment and political populism in Continental European welfare states 167 Jan-Ocko Heuer 13 The United Kingdom before and after Brexit 182 Benjamin Leruth and Peter Taylor-Gooby 14 South Europe: reclaiming welfare post-crisis? 197 Maria Petmesidou and Ana Marta Guillen 15 Austerity, populism and welfare retrenchment in Central and South Eastern Europe 219 Noemi Lendvai-Bainton and Paul Stubbs 16 Support to families with children in the Baltic States: pathways of expansion and retrenchment from 2004 to 2019 233 Jolanta Aidukaite PART IV ARE SPECIFIC WELFARE PROGRAMS MORE PRONE TO AUSTERITY - AND IF SO, WHY? 17 Incremental or paradigm shifting? Evidence about the retrenchment of public pension schemes in the industrialised world from expenditure and replacement rate data, 1980-2015 256 Paul Bridgen 18 Unemployment benefits in the 21st century: new dimensions of retrenchment and the roles of austerity and populism 277 Axel Cronert 19 Austerity and its corresponding effects on public safety and crime 293 Adegbola Ojo 20 Family policy in Europe in the era of austerity and populism 306 Mikael Nygard and Mikko Kuisma 21 Long-term care policies meet austerity 324 Barbara Da Roit 22 Changes in tax systems 340 Nelly Popova 23 Labour markets in post-crisis Europe: liberalisation, deregulation, precarisation 356 Dragos Adascalitei and Jason Heyes 24 The impact of austerity on social activism 372 Shana Cohen 25 Gender, austerity and the welfare state 387 Sidita Kushi and Ian P. McManus PART V CHANGE TO THE ROLE OF WELFARE STATES? 26 Reflection upon the development of, and the future for, welfare states 408 Bent Greve Index
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