Handbook of Zen, Mindfulness, and Behavioral Health

Handbook of Zen, Mindfulness, and Behavioral Health


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Chapter 1. Introduction: Zen and Behavioral Health.- Chapter 2. Zen: Overview.- Chapter 3. Zen and Japanese Culture.- Part 1. Zen: Overview and Foundations.- Chapter 4. What Is Zen?.-Chapter 5. Zen Meditation.- Chapter 6. Zen Koans and Parables.- Chapter 7. Zen and the Body.- Chapter 8. Zen and Language.- Part II. Zen: Everyday Living and Current Evidence.- Chapter 9. Zen Account of Desire and Attachment.- Chapter 10. Zen, Self, and Personality.- Chapter 11. Zen and Problems.- Chapter 12. Zen and Forgiveness.- Chapter 13. Zen and Science.- Part III: Application of Zen to Behavorial Healthcare Issues.- Chapter 14. Zen and Current Evidence.- Chapter 15. Zen and Psychotherapy.- Chapter 16. Zen Account of Health and Psychopathology.- Chapter 17. What is Measured by Self-Report Measures of Mindfulness? Conceptual and Measurement Issues.- Chapter 18. Zen and Mindfulness/Acceptance.- Chapter 19. Ze n and Behavior Therapy.- Chapter 20. Zen, Mindfulness, and CBT.- Chapter 21. Zen and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.- Chapter 22. Zen, Pain, and Sorrow: Being a Chaplain in a Hospital Setting.- Chapter 23. Application of Zen Practices and Principles for Professionals/Advocated Who Work For Survivors of Trauma and Violence.- Chapter 24. Zen Practice in Prisons.
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