Handbook of Mobile Data Privacy

Handbook of Mobile Data Privacy


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1 Introduction to Mobility Data Privacy.- 2 Modeling and Understanding Intrinsic Characteristics of Human Mobility.- 3 Privacy in Location-Sensing Technologies.- 4 Privacy Protection in Location-based Services: A Survey.- 5 Analyzing Your Location Data with Provable Privacy Guarantees.- 6 Opportunities and Risks of Delegating Sesning Tasks to the Crowd.- 7 Location Privacy in Spatial Crowdsourcing.- 8 Privacy in Geospatial Applications and Location-Based Social Networks.- 9 Privacy of Connected Vehicles.- 10 Privacy by Design for Mobility Data Analytics.- 11 Systems for Privacy-Preserving Mobility Data Management.- 12 Privacy-Preserving Release of Spatio-temporal Density.- 13 Context-adaptive Privacy Mechanisms.- 14 Location Privacy-Preserving Applications and Services.