Hajnal Andreka and Istvan Nemeti on Unity of Science

Hajnal Andreka and Istvan Nemeti on Unity of Science

From Computing to Relativity Theory Through Algebraic Logic


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Part I. Computer Science, Machine Intelligence, Logic of Programs Dannert, K. M., Graedel, E.: Semiring provenance for guarded logics. Diaconescu, R.: Implicit Partiality of Signature Morphisms in Institution Theory. Gottlob, G., Pieris, A.: An Overview of Query-Answering and Reasoning with Datalog+/-. Pratt, V.: Action axioms, algebraically. Pratt-Hartmann, I.: Adding Guarded Constructions to the (Relational) Syllogistic. Tucker, J.: tba Part II . Algebraic Logic, Algebra, Logic Benthem, J.: tba Duentsch, I., Dzik, W., Orlowska, E.: Decomposing the discriminator in the semilattice of modal operators. Goldblatt, R.: Generalising Grzegorczyks logic by bounding cluster size. Hirsch-Hodkinson-Jackson: Undecidable decision problems for binary relations. Jipsen, P.: relation algebras, residuated lattices and algebraic logic Maddux, R.D.: On canonical relativized relation and cylindric set algebras. Plotkin, B., Plotkin, E.: Algebraic logic and logic geometry defined in universal algebra. Pratt, V: Universal algebra as a foreign language. Sayed-Ahmed, T.: A brief history of Tarskian algebraic logic as enhanced by the outstanding contributions of Andreka and Nemeti. Part III. Relativity Theory, spacetime, methodology of science Dewar, N.: Freeing structuralism from model theory. Friedman, H.: Foundational thinking. Formica, G., Friend, M.: In the footsteps of Hilbert: the logical foundations of theories in physics Halvorson, H.: The network of theories. Manchak, J.B.: Internal and external properties of spacetime. Weatherall: Why not categorical equivalence? Wuthrich, C.: Time travelling in emergent spacetime.
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Tarskian Algebraic Logic;Cylindric Algebras, Relation Algebras;Guarded Fragment of First Order Logic;Modal Logic, Modal Operators;Institution Theory;Decision Problems For Binary Relations;Structuralism;Properties of General Relativistic Spacetimes;Emergent Spacetime;Equivalence of Theories;Network of Theories;Foundational Thinking;Computer Science, Machine Intelligence, Logic of Programs;Semiring Provenance for Guarded Logics;Implicit Partiality of Signature Morphisms in Institution Theory;Query-Answering and Reasoning with Datalog+/-;Action Axioms, Algebraically;Adding Guarded Constructions to the (Relational) Syllogistic