Gorbachev's Russia And American Foreign Policy

Gorbachev's Russia And American Foreign Policy

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Preface -- Introduction -- Patterns of Change -- The Changing Nature of Change in the USSR -- Sources of Change in Soviet History: State, Society, and the Entrepreneurial Tradition -- Russia After Stalin -- The Soviet Economic Model -- War, Weapons, and Soviet Foreign Policy -- Human Rights: A Thaw Imperiled -- Gorbachev's Russia -- Gorbachev and the Politics of System Renewal -- The Crisis of the Soviet System of Power and Mikhail Gorbachev's Political Strategy -- Gorbachev's Program of Change: Sources, Significance, Prospects -- Russia and the West -- The Evolution of U.S. Policy Goals Toward the USSR in the Postwar Era -- Western Influence on the Soviet Union -- Gorbachev and the United States -- Gorbachev's Russia and U.S. Options -- U.S. Policy and Gorbachev's Russia -- East-West Relations -- The Soviet Union and the West: Security and Foreign Policy
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