Glocal Languages and Critical Intercultural Awareness

Glocal Languages and Critical Intercultural Awareness

The South Answers Back


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Introduction: Glocal Languages, the South Answering Back Manuela Guilherme and Lynn Mario T. Menezes de Souza Section I: Glocal Languages - Theoretical Background Chapter 1: Glocal Languages, Coloniality and Globalization from Below Lynn Mario T. Menezes de Souza Chapter 2: Glocal Languages Beyond Postcolonialism: The North and the South in the north and in the south Manuela Guilherme Section II: Indigenous Languages as Glocal Languages Chapter 3: Glocalism Now and Then: The De-colonial Turn of Guarani, Portuguese and Spanish Fernanda Martins Felix Chapter 4: Reshuffling Conceptual Cards: What Counts as Language in Lowland Indigenous South America Jamille Pinheiro Dias Section III: Portuguese as Glocal Language Chapter 5: The Imaginary in Portuguese Language Perceptions in Academia: (Mis)directions Between the Local and the Global Gesualda dos Santos Rasia Chapter 6: The Linguistic Atlas of Brazil Project: Contributions Towards Knowledge, Teaching and Disclosure of Brazilian Portuguese Marcela Moura Torres Paim and Silvana Soares Costa Ribeiro Section IV: Spanish as Glocal Language Chapter 7: Comparisons Between Spanish and Portuguese: Proposals for University Teaching Adrian Pablo Fanjul Chapter 8: Multiculturalism and Glocal Languages: The Impact of Cultural Mobility in Spanish Teaching and Learning in Southern Brazil Maria Josele Bucco Coelho Section V: English as Glocal Language Chapter 9: English (Mis)education as an Alternative to Challenge English Hegemony: A Geopolitical Debate Daniel de Mello Ferraz Chapter 10: Teaching English to Undergraduate Students in a Brazilian University: Thinking Glocally Alessandra Coutinho Fernandes Conclusion: Towards Globalization from Below Lynn Mario T. Menezes de Souza and Manuela Guilherme