Global Genes, Local Concerns

Global Genes, Local Concerns

Legal, Ethical, and Scientific Challenges in International Biobanking

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Contents: Introduction Part I - Biobanks, Big Data and Modes of Collaboration 1. Big Data and the ethics of detail: the role of ethics work in the making of a cross-national research infrastructure for genetic research Klaus Hoeyer, Aaro Tupasela, Malene Bogehus Rasmussen 2. Biobanks as Knowledge Institutions Michael J. Madison Part II - Biobanks, translational medicine and tech transfer 3. Biobanks as Innovation Infrastructure for Translational Medicine W. Nicholson Price II 4. Responsible Use of Human Biosamples in the Bioscience Industries Brian J Clark and Tina Bossow Part III - Biobanks, Human Rights and Patient Involvement 5. Biobanking, Scientific Productions and Human Rights Peter K. Yu 6. You told me, Right? - Free and Informed Consent in European Patent Law Asa Hellstadius and Jens Schovsbo 7. Dynamic Consent and Biobanking - A Means of Fostering Sustainability? Jane Kaye and Megan Prictor 8. Generating Trust in Biobanks within the Context of Commercialization: Can Dynamic Consent Overcome Trust Challenges? Esther van Zimmeren 9. Exploitation and vulnerabilities in consent to biobank research in developing countries Nana Cecilie Halmsted Kongsholm 10. Biobanking and the Consent Problem Timothy Caulfield and Blake Murdoch Part IV - Biobanks, Guidelines and Good Governance 11. Responsible Research and Innovation and the Advancement of Biobanking and Biomedical research Helen Yu 12. Do we need an expiration date for biobanks? Franziska Vogl and Karine Sargsyan 13. Biobanks and Biobank Networks Eva Ortega-Paino and Aaro Tupasela 14. IP Policies for Large Bioresources: the fiction, fantasy and future of openness Kathleen Liddell, Johnathan Liddicoat and Matthew Jordan Index
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