Global East Asia

Global East Asia

Into the Twenty-First Century


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Introduction: The Many Faces of Global East Asia Frank N. Pieke and Koichi Iwabuchi Part One * Global East Asia: Past and Present Frank N. Pieke 1 * Reluctant Keystone: The Nexus of War, Memory, and Geopolitics in Okinawa Jeff Kingston 2 * From Jazz Men to Jasmine: Transnational Nightlife Cultures in Shanghai from the 1920s to the 2010s Andrew Field and James Farrer 3 * Maoism as a Global Force Julia Lovell 4 * Japanese Development Aid and Global Power Hiroshi Kan Sato and Akiko Hiratsuka-Sasaki 5 * Conflict and Cooperation in Global East Asia Lindsay Black Part Two * East Asian Global Cultures Koichi Iwabuchi and Frank N. Pieke 6 * Hybridity and Authenticity in Global East Asian Foodways Sidney Cheung 7 * Trans-Pacific Flows and US Audiences of Korean Popular Culture Jung-Sun Park 8 * Ai Weiwei and the Global Art of Politics William A. Callahan Part Three * Education, Science, and Technology Frank N. Pieke 9 * China, Japan, and the Rise of Global Competition in Higher Education and Research Futao Huang 10 * The Educational Exodus from South Korea Adrienne Lo and Leejin Choi 11 * From "Wild East" to Global Pioneers: Life Science Developments in East Asia Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner 12 * A Concise History of Worlding Chinese Medicine Mei Zhan Part Four * East Asian Mobilities and Diversities Frank N. Pieke 13 * Of Married Daughters and Caged Chickens: The History and Significations of Being "Chinese" in Southeast Asia Kwee Hui Kian 14 * The Korean Diaspora in the United States John Lie 15 * The Japanese Diaspora in the Americas and the Ethnic Return Migration of Japanese Americans Takeyuki Gaku Tsuda 16 * Chinese Labor Migrants in Asia and Africa Miriam Driessen and Biao Xiang 17 * Uncertain Choices of Chinese-Foreign Children's Citizenship in the People's Republic of China Elena Barabantseva, Caroline Grillot, and Michaela Pelican 18 * From Hmong Versus Miao to the Making of Transnational Hmong/Miao Solidarity Louisa Schein and Chia Youyee Vang 19 * An East Asian Nation without a State: Xinjiang and China's Non-Chinese Ildiko Beller-Hann Part Five * The Rise of China and East Asia as the New Center of the World Frank N. Pieke 20 * Global China's Business Frontier: Chinese Enterprises and the Reach of the State Ruben Gonzalez-Vicente 21 * Common Destiny in Cyberspace: China's Cyber Diplomacy Rogier Creemers 22 * Chinese Correspondents around the World Pal Nyiri 23 * Decoupling the US Economy: Preparations for a New Cold War? Richard McGregor and Herve Lemahieu 24 * State-Led Globalization, or How Hard Is China's Soft Power? Ingrid d'Hooghe and Frank N. Pieke Afterword * East Asia: Being There and Being Elsewhere Ulf Hannerz List of Contributors Index
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