Gender(ed) Identities

Gender(ed) Identities

Critical Rereadings of Gender in Children's and Young Adult Literature

Clasen, Tricia; Hassel, Holly

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Gender(ed) Identities: Critical Rereadings of Gender in Children's and Young Adult Literature Chapter 1: Introduction Section 1: Gender(ing) Communities Chapter 2: History Repeating Itself: The Portrayal of Female Characters in Young Adult Literature at the Beginning of the Millennium (Suico) Chapter 3: Girls Online: Representations of Femininity in the Digital Age (Flanagan) Chapter 4: Academic Agency in YA Novels by Mexican American Women Authors (Cummins) Chapter 5: Queer Consciousness/Community in David Levithan's Two Boys Kissing: "One the Other Never Leaving" (Matos) Section 2: Developing Gender(ed) Identities Chapter 6: "What Defines Me?" - Performativity, Gender and Ethnicity in Korean American YA Fiction (Lee and Stephens) Chapter 7: Gendered Stories, Advice, and Narrative Intimacy and Amish Young Adult Literature (Brown) Chapter 8: One Choice, Many Petals: Reading the Female Voice of Tris in the Divergent series (Jennings) Chapter 9: Who Is a Girl? The Tomboy, the Lesbian, and the Transgender Child (Friddle) Section 3: Gendered Trauma, Loss, and Healing Chapter 10: Pedophobia and the Orphan Girl in Pollyanna and A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning (Tribunella) Chapter 11: "Kindred Spirits": Vulnerability as the Key to Transformative Female Relationships in L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables (Pilmaier) Chapter 12: Speaking the Bitter Truth: The Role of the Creative Imagination in the Process of Healing (Mallan) Section 4: Complicating Sexuality and Romance Chapter 13: Paradise Contested: Sexuality and Sacrifice in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials (Zanichkowsky) Chapter 14: Growing Up Girl: A Rhetoric of Restrained Empowerment in American Girl's Self-Help Books about Puberty (De La Cruz) Chapter 15: Gender and the Perfected Female in the Contemporary Resurrection Allegory of Breaking Dawn (Casper) Chapter 16: Masculinity and Romantic Myth in Contemporary YA Romance (Clasen) Section 5: Gender/Genre, Texts, and Contexts Chapter 17: When the Slipper Doesn't Fit: Construction of the 'Ugly' Female in Cinderella Picture-Book Illustrations 1800-2015 (Wildermuth and Robinson) Chapter 18: Girls Write Back: Feminism and Disordered Writing (Bherer) Chapter 19: Freedom in Fantasy?: Gender Restrictions in Children's Literature (Long) Chapter 20: Hungry for Change: Lessons from The Hunger Games as Consciousness-Raising (Egan)
American Girls; Amy Cummins; Angel Daniel Matos; Chick Lit; Children's Literature; Divergent; Elizabeth Zanichkowsky; Eric L. Tribunella; Fantasy; Feminist; Gender; Gender Studies; Harry Potter; His Dark Materials; Holly Hassel; Hunger Games; John Stephens; Joshua R. Brown; Kerry Mallan; Lauren De La Cruz; Linda A. Robinson; Literature; Mary Frances Casper; Masculinity; Megan E. Friddle; Nancy Jennings; Queer Studies; Rebecca Long; Research; Science Fiction; Sexuality; Speculative Fiction; Sung-Ae Lee; Susan M. Wildermuth; Terri Suico; Transgender; Valerie Bherer; Valerie Murrenus Pilmaier; Victoria Flanagan; Women's Studies; YA Literature; Young Adult Literature